You can find download links for all GuideGuide 5 releases below. If you need to recover a GuideGuide 4 version you purchased, please contact support.

GuideGuide supports Photoshop CC 2015+, Illustrator CC 2015+, and Sketch 49+

Download the latest version

Previous versions

  • 5.0.20 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: removed coordinate conversions in Illustrator to fix placement when using selections outside of artboards.
  • 5.0.18 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: alignment based on multiple-item selections
  • 5.0.16 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Resolve alignment issues in Photoshop documents with artboards
  • 5.0.15 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Add missing support for using the Delete key to delete grids in the Adobe Windows extension.
  • 5.0.14 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A bug when launching GuideGuide on managed machines
  • 5.0.13 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A bug preventing GuideGuide from activating on versions before CC 2018
  • 5.0.11 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A bug when saving a grid without a title after resetting the form.
  • 5.0.10 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A bug causing picas to be calculated as 6 rather than 12 points
  • 5.0.9 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A bug causing a blank panel on Windows
  • 5.0.8 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Resolved a bug in Photoshop that prevented individual guide clearing in HIDPI documents.
    • Fix: Resolved a UI bug when switching to the form view after canceling a notation form edit.
  • 5.0.7 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Finally resolved the “blank loading page” error in some installations of GuideGuide in Asia
  • 5.0.6 (Adobe) Download

    • Feature: Additional user-facing error reporting
    • Refactor: Tweaks to error reporting
  • 5.0.5 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: A few (but not all) start-up related errors
    • Refactor: Tweaks to error reporting
  • 5.0.4 (Adobe) Download

    • Refactor: Tweaks to error reporting
  • 5.0.3 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: More tweaks to fix Windows startup failure
  • 5.0.2 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Add fallbacks for CC 2015, which uses different code from modern CC versions
    • Fix: GuideGuide now won’t try to add guides to hidden Illustrator layers
    • Fix: More tweaks to fix Windows startup failure
    • Fix: Display issues in Welcome screen
    • Feature Improved startup messages
  • 5.0.1 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Bug preventing launch on certain Windows machines
    • Fix: Error saving a set from the Custom form
    • Fix: Various bugs not visible to users
  • 5.0.0 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Bug when editing
    • Fix: Bug when editing
    • Fix: Bug preventing import/export
    • Fix: Bug when saving a grid before grids have been loaded
    • Fix: Bug that deleted a grid when editing it
    • Feature: Trials
    • Feature: Consent dialogue and policy links
    • Feature: Add support for enter key on grid form
    • Feature: Make Bootstrap a default grid
    • Feature: Telemetry
    • Performance: Use startup/shutdown hooks to load GuideGuide in the background
  • 5.0.0-beta.2 (Adobe) Download

    • Fix: Provide defaults for unsupported locales
  • 5.0.0-beta.1 (Adobe) Download

    • Feature: Initial beta launch of GuideGuide 5

Photoshop CS5/CS6

If you would like to use GuideGuide with Photoshop CS5 or CS6, you can still download GuideGuide 3.2.3, the last version to provide support for Creative Suite. This version is provided as-is, without support, and does not require a license.

Download 3.2.3

To install:

  1. Quit Photoshop
  2. Launch the version of Adobe Extension Manager.
  3. Click the “Install” button in the top-right part of the window.
  4. Follow the directions
  5. Restart Photoshop
  6. You will find GuideGuide at Window > Extensions > GuideGuide